Fort Sherman Chapter 9

February 2016 Meeting Minutes


DAV HeadquartersWebsite:
Chapter Commander: Robert Hunt 208 773-1074
Chapter Adjutant: Bryan Bledsoe 509 990-6739

Membership is open to anyone wounded, injured, gassed, or disabled during honorable wartime service. Please refer to the following chart for the dates of  active duty that are considered during “time of war”:

    World War I…………………………………………….04/06/17 –  07/02/21
    World War II……………………………………………09/16/40 -  01/31/55
    Vietnam and Other Engagements……………………..01/31/55 -  10/14/76
    Iranian Crisis, Lebanon Crisis,
    Invasion of Grenada, Invasion of Panama,
    And Other Engagements……………………………….11/04/79 -  01/30/90
    Persian Gulf Crisis
    And Subsquent Engagements………………………….08/20/90 -  Until terminated by Presidential
                                         Proclamation or Congressional Resolution

In addition, there are circumstances under which veterans, who served at other times, can meet the requirements, “during time or war” or “wartime service.” This occurs when review of official military/VA records show that the applicant’s wound., injury or disability was incurred:

As a direct result of armed conflict, or
While engaged in extra-hazardous service under conditions simulating war, or
 While the US was engaged in any war, or
 While in receipt of an expeditionary or campaign medal.

Feel free to contact National DAV Headquarters if you have any questions regarding eligibility.


2016 Chapter Legislative Letters     89    
2016 Auxiliary Legislative Letters      75     Total Since 2008: 7,438

 Minutes from February 23, 2016
924th Regular Chapter meeting called to Order by Chapter Commander Robert Hunt at 1800.

Roll Call of Officers:                Name            Attendance
Commander                    Robert (Bob) Hunt    Present
Senior Vice Commander            Bob Imle        Present
1st Junior Vice Commander            Fred Margiotta        Present
2nd Junior Vice Commander            Jeff Broadhead        Present
Treasurer                    Kirk Kindley          Present
Chaplain                    Dale Stamper        Present
Sgt. At Arms                    Pat McLean        Present
Service Officer                    Jim Karlstrand        South for the Winter
Officer of the Day                Lew Allert        Present
JAG                        Ralph Shrigley        Sailing
Webmaster/Facebook                Bryan Bledsoe        Present
Gunnery Officer                Field Marshal Till    Present
Motor/Noise/Energizer Bunny            Lew Allert        Present
Sports Officer                    Don Waddell        Absent
Fish and Game Officer                Bernie Fox        Excused
Morale Officer/Sous Chef            Pat Mclean        Present
Spokane VAMB & CDA CBOC Liason        Al Holm        Absent
Personal History Officer            Franco DeSimone    Absent
Adjutant                    Bryan Bledsoe        Present


COMMANDER’S MINUTE: - The Commander noted that we are all service officers and that we must do no harm, know when we don’t know something, refer to experts. Don’t be afraid to give information and to preface advice when necessary that you could be wrong but this is your best advice. Service work is serious business and not to be undertaken lightly.

ROBERTS RULES OF ORDER:  Commander used the attached Robert’s Rules of Order Strategies as a  tool to demonstrate various motions that may be appropriate or not appropriate at a meeting..

Motion made and carried to approve the Minutes of the January 26, 2016 meeting. Till/Margiotta

Motion made and carried to approve the Treasurer’s report for February 23, 2016.  Howe/Stamper
Checking Balance:            $  20,546.84    
Van Saving Account Balance:    $.      0        
Commander’s Discretionary Bal:    $       200.00
Chaplains Discretionary Fund        $       200.00           
Christmas Account Bal        $    1,160.17
            TOTAL:    $  22,107.01    

Motion made and approved to unblock the $229.20 for Honoring Van Drivers   Bacon/Mclean

SICKNESS & DISTRESS: Bernie Fox has a problem with unexpected nose bleeding.

READING OF COMMUNICATIONS: Received a thank you from the Cuentas Family for the Christmas meal, presents and boat trip.

Trench Rats – Chartered on February 2, 2016
Motion and carried that the Chapter provide $850 for the startup of the Trench Rats – Till & Kostur

The Chapter previously advanced $750 to the Auxiliary to help them start up. Since then the Auxiliary has been supportive of this Chapter’s projects with money, time, food and people. That original start up money has been repaid to the Chapter many times over. The Trench Rats is a second Chapter Auxiliary and it is expected that it will be a credit and a help in Chapter projects. The money will allow the Trench Rats to get incorporated, and obtain 501 c 4 tax status, with the goal of separating the Trench Rats budget and income completely from the Chapter.’

Service Officer Report
Robert Imle has found a government agency that will perform the needed electrical work for the Lorie Bunes family.

Motion made and carried to repurpose $1,000 on the Bunes home for use as needed as determined by Robert Imle.  Till/Howe

Lew Allert reported on a wheel chair that was allotted $450 for repair at the last meeting. He has determined that Toby’s Battery has the best price available in the area. The VA purchases batteries from them. He spent $572.74 on batteries that were used in this chair plus other chairs. Lew said he would absorb the amount over $450. However the Chapter members were pleased that he took his own initiative to get other chairs operational.
Chapter Commander noted that Lew Allert had discussed this with him and that he approved of it. The Commander noted that the DAV is a service organization and we never want to discourage initiative.

Motion made and approved to reimburse Lew Allert $572,74 for purchase of batteries from Toby’s Batteries      Kostur/Bacon

Charlie Till reported on the website and encouraged everyone to distribute cards which he handed out
John Hernandez reported on the contribution to remember Dr. Marshall. He is the VA surgeon that was accidentally drowned while out running. The appropriate remembrance is still to be determined.
Van Purchase – A check for $32,401.48 was written for mailing to National to purchase a DAV Van. This is the first time the Chapter has paid in full for a van.
State Convention May 11, 12, 13 & 14 – Registration is $85 per night and Rooms are $112.50 per night

Motion made and approved to pay for up to 10 registrations for the state DAV convention     Stamper/Bacon

Motion made and approved to pay the required DAV State Convention fee of $354 for the Chapter.     Howe/Bacon

Motion made and approved to pay 20 cents per mile for delegates to travel to and from the state convention.     Margiotta/Blessing

Motion made and approved to pay up to $75 per day for lodging at the State Convention for the delegates, service officer and state executive committeeman for the days that each is obligated to attend.     Howe/Bacon

The Commander appointed Charlie Till as the State Committeemen from the Chapter and Arnie Howe as the alternate.

Motion made and approved to spend up to $150 to make a basket for the auxiliary to auction as a fund raiser at the state convention.      Howe/Kostur

50/50 raffle drawing of $33 was won by Fred Margiotta. $33 plus $67 will be paid by the Chapter to the State for a total of $100.

RECESSED AT  7:20 for 10 Minutes:

Officer Nominations
Commander        Lew Allert(declined)    Greg Bacon
Senior Vice Commander            Bob Imle        
1st Junior Vice Commander            Fred Margiotta        
2nd Junior Vice Commander            Jeff Broadhead        
Treasurer                    John Hernandez      
Chaplain                    Terry Blessing

It was reported that there are two additional battery operated chairs that have been donated and will be delivered to Newby-ginnings.
Lew Allert has a practically new chair that will stand an individual up
Bob Imle has a chair that has a tilt back

New member John Hernandez volunteers with Veterans Pathways.  He says that they will have a space at the Newby-ginnings to meet and help veterans.

Barb Nelson of the DAVA distributed an invitation for all to attend the DAR commemoration of the end of the Vietnam War Tuesday March 29, 2016 from 11 am to 11:30 pm at the Veterans Memorial at McEuen Park in Coeur d’Alene.

Moved that Chapter 9 support all of the recommended changes to the Idaho State Bylaws. Bledsoe/Kostur   Moved to postpone this motion to the next meeting Howe/Stamper (this will be the first order of business at the next meeting)

Motion made and carried to adjourn. Kostur/Howe

Bob Imle reported that the recognition of the van bus drivers was well received by them and all appreciated the knives that had their names engraved on them. The cost of the breakfast for the van drivers and their wives was divided and paid for by Bob Imle, Lew Allert, Kirk Kindley and Arnie Howe.

Good of the order
Closing Ceremonies

Adjourned at 8:30 pm

Bryan Bledsoe
Chapter Adjutant