You may recall that we threw together a down and dirty 2 gun raffle.

Tickets are $3, 2 for $5 and 5 for $10. Drawing date is 4 July 2020.


Quite obviously we will not be selling at stores due to the current misery.


So, for Chapter members who can afford it, we would be appreciative if you were to purchase some tickets. First, ensure that your needs are taken care of and that you have adequate funds for your family.


The following have purchased, sold or are selling tickets:

Don Frank                  Selling as he delivers

Eric Dricsoll                Selling

Marilyn Hunt            Sold $60 at church

Bob Hunt                    Purchasing $100 and giving to his doctors

Lew Allert                   Purchasing $100 *

Dan Urso                    Purchasing $100 * Wintering in AZ and returning to Sequim

Charlie Till                 Sold $40


Dan and Lew are sending me checks for $100. I am filling out the smart ends in their names and placing in the basket for the drawing. The other ends that they would normally get, I am  keeping bundled up with a rubber band and their name on them. This saves postage and unnecessary of potentially containment mail.


So, at the moment, we have $160 in hand, $20 cash in Charlie’s hand and $200 coming in checks for a total of $380.


Our breakeven point is $1,050 and with $380 in sales, we are down $670.


Your Chapter would appreciate you sending some checks this way for the gun raffle because this is about our sole source of income for quite some time to come.


Should you win, with gun sales the way they are going, you probably will be able to sell almost instantly.


Charlie Till will be posting some pictures of our tickets on DAV9.COM and sending me the same so I can send it out to all of you.


I know it may seem somewhat uncaring, unfeeling, of the great disaster unfolding before our very eyes. It is important that we try to be as normal as circumstances will allow, while never forgetting the pain and suffering of our fellow Americans and not only our countrymen but the entire world.


We aren’t doing this raffle for fun. We do things for others and sometime money is the most effective tool available. We just paid the rent of a veteran in Wallace whose wife went into a diabetic coma and then went blind. We didn’t wait when called upon to help.


Your raffle ticket money will be used by the executive committee to help others on your behalf.



Robert B. Hunt

2536 W. Falling Star Loop

Post Falls, Idaho 83854


Please make the check payable to  DAV9.


Now go and make the One Eyed Minion Bob proud of you.