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At the request of the members of Fort Sherman Chapter 9 Disabled American Veterans, Border visited the home of a 80 year old veteran living in Bayview. He had cancer and his 79 year old wife was recovering from a hip replacement. All their available income was being used for her pain and other medicines. Their heating system was on its last legs and there were no replacement parts still being manufactured.


Border representatives determined a new Lennox heating and cooling system was needed. Lennox donated half the cost of the new system and Border quickly and professionally installed the new system in January. Border then donated a very large part of their expenses without being asked. The DAV then paid the remaining $2,600. It was the people of Kootenai County who paid the cash via the DAV. Every donation to the DAV, every raffle ticket purchased from the DAV gave the Chapter the ability to fund this type of project.


The whole project was a partnership of the DAV, Lennox and Border. The end result is that a couple in real need of help now have a reliable and safe heating system and an air conditioning system.


The DAV is grateful to Lennox, Border and all of its supporters. Thank you for helping us help veterans in real need. 

Bob Hunt – Chapter Commander


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Ron Anderson,Owner
 505 East 6th Ave.
Post Falls, Idaho 83854
Phone: (208) 457-9299
Our Sponsers In No Percitular Order As They Are All Heros for Veterans
In November of 1938, this Chapter was Charted and it is not in any danger of running out of potential members.
For 78 years this community has been supportive of this Chapter and all our members are proud to live her among our friends and neighbors.


Ron Anderson has been a behind the scenes supporter of Fort Sherman Chapter 9 providing many raffle prizes at cost and gun transfers at no cost to raffle winners. He has a special place for veterans and will work to ensure that they get the best possible deal. Ron is a fountain of knowledge about pistols, rifles, shotguns, sights, ammunitions and shares that information freely.

In River City Pawn, veterans receive accurate, discrete and invaluable support when looking for a gun part or gun. The services performed on behalf of the DAV have allowed DAV9 to earn the most return on its raffles, which in turn, is directly responsible for our ability to assist in new furnaces for injured and ageing veterans. It is a team effort and we thank Ron for is his quiet and conscientious assistance.

One of the precepts of the Hauser Gun Club is to support veterans and the Armed Forces of the United States. Most recently, the club assisted in the purchase of a new DAV van that will serve Kootenai County with daily trips to the Spokane VAMC. The club gave generously to the last Kootenai County stand down and is always prepared to help when asked. Field Marshal Charlie Till is liaison with the Gun Club.

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  • Facebook - Black Circle

The Trading Company store in Post Falls is managed by Matt. His support allows this Chapter and Auxiliary to raise funds in our annual Forget Me Not Drive by giving out Forget Me Nots in his store. As our membership ages and as many DAV members have injuries and are not prepared to spend long periods of time in the sun, wind, rain or cold, the ability to set up inside the store is of immense importance to the Chapter. More importantly, from Store Manager Matt on down to the newest employee, DAV members are made welcome and that kindness is appreciated. This support has been going on for years.

The Panhandle Regulators of the Single Action Shooting Society (S.A.S.S.) have been extraordinarily generous to the DAV by inviting them to demonstrations of Cowboy shooting at their range. They have let all hands fire all manner of period weapons to their hearts content. Further, members have been able to bring their own modern weapons to fire on the range. Each day is usually capped off with a great  cold, fried chicken, potato salad, cookies and lemonade provided by the DAV. Last summer, we were able to bring a U.S. Senator with us to the range for the afternoon. Several DAV members have joined SASS. Chapter 9 has an appointed Gunnery Officer and Field Marshal Charlie Till to act as liaison with The Panhandle Regulators

                        Bob Hunt – Chapter Commander

The Blue Star Mothers, a group of local women with grown children serving on active duty in the Armed Forces of the United States started helping this Chapter by purchasing present for infants in our annual Christmas project. Then one day, they decided that Chief Hunt did not have a clue as to what to purchase for teenage girls. So they took on the young women and through their personal contact, the quality of gifts for that group dramatically improved. For that, Chief Hunt is eternally grateful. Thanks Ladies. 


Bob Hunt, Chapter Commander

Hayden Lakes Fraternal Order of Eagles (Aerie #4080) has showered support on this Chapter for years. The generosity shown to this Chapter has been phenomenal and has been gratefully received and used to better many lives. We have done everything from purchasing the DAV Van to putting in new furnaces. None of this would be possible without the strong support of the entire aerie. Our informal relationship is a benefit to the veterans and their family. The Chapter researches the needs of the veteran and the aerie provides the means for the Chapter to take meaningful action. 


Thank you 4080.

Robert B. Hunt, QMC, USN, Retired.

The North Idaho Classics Car Club have for many years reached out at Christmas time to support DAV9 in their massive Christmas Project. It is the support of many different groups for the DAV that allows this Chapter to provide so much support, gifts, and helping hands where needed. The NICCC has been a true friend. 


Bob Hunt, Christmas Chairman


Allways There For


Rebecca Dickision sends a ten dollar check to this Chapter monthly. We thank her for that. We value that support deeply. Someone we have never met and to whom this donation is a sacrifice cares enough to share what she has without thought recompense. Well Done, good and true friend.

We have supporters who refuse to be publicly acknowledged. We want to thank you. We stand in admiration of you for your unstinting support and sincere interest in the well-being of veterans in need. We try to screen all we help to ensure they are honorably discharged veterans and not running a scam and are truly in need. We have to balance our inquiries carefully due to the fact that many of our veterans do not like needing help and remove themselves from our lists at their very first opportunity.


 Bob Hunt Chapter Commander

For years the Wolf Lodge Has Supported Veterans and DAV 9

Thank You Nicole and Shawn

For decades now the citizens in this part of the great northwest have been patronizing and singing the praises of the "great old steakhouse" just east of Coeur D'Alene.

Wolf Lodge was established in 1939 starting out as a convenience store. It turned into a steakhouse around the 1970's Nested in the foothills, the Wolf Lodge East has provided it's customers with a taste of the Old West for several generations.

Robin and Tom Provide For DAV 9 And The Veterans Of Post Falls All Year Long


Global Credit Union Post Falls Always Ready

To Help Veterans and DAV 9

Post Falls Branch

3640 E Seltice Way
Post Falls, ID 83854


Tel:  509.455.4700 ext. 4320

Fax: 208.773.9556

Century Publishing Supports The DAV 9 Christmas Project Year After Year

Thank you David Risdon and Craig Rogers.

Century Publishing
5710 E. Seltice Way
Post Falls, Idaho  83854
Phone: (800) 824-1806
Fax: 208-765-9003

At Century Publishing we are proud to be Your Printing Partner! Since opening our doors in 1971, we have built a small company into something extraordinary. Our modest business has expanded to print over 2.5 million different publications per month.We are the premier commercial printer of the Northwest because we have a loyal client base that trusts us to complete all of their printing needs on time and at a reasonable price.

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