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We know that Property taxes and paying for new growth are continuing issues of concern to our region.  The link below provides a series of three or four short video’s that do a great job explaining the process of local assessments and tax levies and providing some excellent alternatives to the ideas being discussed in the Legislature to limit the ability of local governments to increase their budgets to accommodate growth.

When Idaho passed a state sales tax on on-line purchases, the revenue from those taxes was to be used for property tax relief.  That fund now has $180 Million+, but has not been allocated to local taxing entities for property tax relief.

We recommend that you review these short (2 – 4 minute) video’s to help you understand the issue and that you pass them on to other members of our Community.

Here is the link:  Thank you for your involvement.

Property Tax Reduction Programs

(Circuit Breaker & 100% Rated Veterans)

Needed Veteran Documentation

Available At:

Or Call VA Benefits: 1-800-287-1000

The first iteration of this tax relief for 100% disabled veterans did not specifically include 100% TDIU veterans. At a Chapter meeting we did a straw vote and we had 4 veterans who were 100% scheduler and 8 who were TDIU. 2/3’s of our 100% disabled  veterans were being left out because the VA just has to have a COMBINED RATINGS TABLE, whose sole purpose is to lower the amount of compensation paid to a disabled veteran. This table worked so well that it became a public relations nightmare for the VA when veterans who  couldn’t hold or secure substantial employment and were on the streets with little tin cups begging. When the Governor was in Rathdrum, Charlie Till brought this up and the head of the tax commission stated that he had tried to get an answer from the VA and couldn’t understand it. Welcome to our world.


Len Crosby, myself as Chapter and State DAV Legislative chair, and others put out hundreds of phone calls, emails and letters to the legislative leaders. Priscilla Giddings, an Air Force Academy Graduate with 1,000 combat hours in an A-10 Warthog was carrying the water and she pushed through H552 which added the TDIU 100% veterans. She lives in White Bird at the bottom of that hill. Len Crosby worked closely with our own Don Cheatham. The house passed the bill 69-1 and then the senate committee almost derailed it. I think that our combined efforts state wide got it through. But Don and Priscilla deserve our thanks.


To my knowledge there is no limit on income for the DISABLED VETERANS $1,320 property tax deduction. I am in the process of learning how this works. I went on to VA.GOV and found a section where they will print certain VA documents for you. You are looking for one that references your award letter. It is tremendously helpful if you have already signed up with MY Healthy Vet Premium. Your first time on VA .GOV will require you to establish an account and I did by signing in through My Healthy Vet. Because of Coronavirus, you mail the letter  in to the Kootenai County Assessors Office. He will apparently call back with certain questions. This is a yearly event, with a new letter required each year. Should you pass away, it is supposed to continue on for your wife. However, if you pass away before applying for it, she does not get. We know of two widows in our church in that situation.


The Circuit breaker is income based with deductions available for medical expenses. You can have both tax breaks at the same time.


I  am right now in the middle of applying myself. There is a cut off date of JUNE 16TH, 2020.


Charlie Till at 208 772-2425 is really knowledgeable about the circuit breaker. 


Calling the  assessors office direct is probably the best way to get the most correct and timely information right now.


When I was on VA.GOV, I had to search carefully for the document I wanted and when I clicked on the one that said award letter I found the letter I needed.


Bob Hunt

I am sharing this with the whole chapter as I am  sure that this is off interest to many others. June 16 is only a hop, skip and jump away.

2019 Property Tax Reduction (Circuit Breaker)

100% tax Program.jpg

Surviving Spouse Clarification

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Just a reminder that the Idaho State Tax Commissions 100% Service Connected Disabled Veterans Property Tax benefit goes into effect on January 1, 2019. A veteran must have a current letter from the VA (dated January 1, 2019, or later) reflecting the veteran is rated 100% service connected (does not have to be Permanent and Total). The VA benefit letters can be obtained on the website, at the VA Regional Office Public Contact Team, or by contacting your assigned Veteran Service Officer, who can assist in obtaining the letter from the VA. Once the letter is received, it must be taken to the County Tax Assessor's office and submitted with a completed application before April 1, 2019. If approved, the benefit will appear on the December 2019 property tax bill. Please remember that veterans receiving Individual Unemployablility DO NOT MEET the requirement of having a 100% Service Connected disability. Our office has had several veterans receiving I.U. call believing it is the same as being rated 100%. As we did not write the law, we have no authority to interpret the law as any other way than written. Anyone who disagrees with the law as written, are invited to contact their local State Senator or Representative. The actual publication can be found on the Tax Commission's website.

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