DAV 9 Christmas Program

One of the many thank yous from families DAV 9 was able to help provide a wonderful 2018 Christmas, This year we helped 102 children in our community. Each child and their parents also were able to spend a day at Triple Play, with food and drink. Many thanks to Triple Play for help making this possible.

Don (The Gofer) Frank Manning the DAV 9 Outreach Booth During The 2019 Stand Down

DAV 9 At The 2019 Veterans Stand Down

Dale Stamper Receiving Veterans Award During The 2019 Stand Down Opening Ceremonies.

DAV 9 Donates Needed Items to Newby-ginnings

Our own Sam Sotello headed up a Chapter Project to procure much needed items for local veterans in need and distress. Photo shows Sam and Charlie, with Teresa and Nicki with our donation.

Here's Fred skiing. Our Commander and other Chapter Members got in some winter sports.


Jim Karlstrand awarding DAV thank you plaque to Ron Anderson for River City Pawn's on going support of local vetrens programs